Frequently Asked Questions

Q) If I have makeup I want to use, can I bring it and you will apply it?

A) Yes. Feel free to bring any makeup you'd like.

Q) I never wear makeup so I'm nervous about feeling and looking cakey and too made up?

A) In this case a natural look is absolutely essential as you need to look like you on your wedding day and feel completely comfortable. For a 'no makeup look' I use a very light foundation and translucent powder and can promise you won't feel or look cakey. I apply make-up very gently and I explain everything I am doing as I go, checking it feels comfortable and we work together to create your perfect look. I won't let you go until you are completly satisfied.

Q) Do I need to have a makeup trial?

A) It's really up to you. I'm confident in what I do & that I'll be able to create something that's to your satisfaction on the day which will have you looking amazing. A makeup trial really gives you more time with me & the opportunity to feel the makeup on your skin prior to the day as well as discussing your preferences, colours & themes in detail.

Q) Do you travel to me on my wedding day?

A) For your convenience I travel to the brides home or venue on their wedding day. After all, its your day to be pampered and made to feel and look like an absolute princess. The last thing any bride would want on their wedding day is to have to rush around in traffic to have their makeup done.

Q) How long will the makeup last?

A) The makeup and brushes we use is of the finest high quality. The makeup application is designed to last throughout your entire day.